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Menu Green Pepper Restaurant

Indian cuisine is a very prevalent cuisine all over the world. If you are in a mood to enjoy some authentic and delicious Indian foods, then you must order online from our takeaway restaurant. You must check our Indian takeaway menu and you will see a lot of options that you will surely love. Whether you love vegetarian foods or looking for Indian authentic non-veg recipes, you will get all here. We have great choices of starters as well as main course that you will surely love. We have some delicious dishes of chicken, mutton and prawn to offer. Also you will get to have some authentic Indian breads like naan, roti etc. We have mastered the skill of using spices in the right amount so that it can bring the authentic flavour and taste of India. The spiciness in the dishes is the main flavour. As it is not possible to write the entire menu, we can discuss about the best house speciality dishes of our restaurant. So, one of the house special dish of your restaurant is Tandoori Chicken Spinach which is a great tandoori chicken dish cooked with some spinach. The next house speciality of this restaurant is the Amarii Tikka. It is a tandoori chicken without bones cooked in a mild spicy sauce along with sliced mangoes. This dish has a great combination of sweetness and spiciness. You will surely love it. Besides these two, there are many more dishes that you can try. These are Ghoorkhali, Shani Chicken, Bengal Fish and Korma Masala. All these dishes taste amazingly delicious and you will surely love them.

About Green Pepper Restaurant

Green Pepper is established with an objective to provide the authentic Indian dishes to people all over the city. Many people do not exactly get the flavour and taste of India because of the lack of knowledge about the traditional spices and recipes. We have a pretty good knowledge about both and we love to make sure people love and enjoy it thoroughly. All the ingredients that we use in our dishes are fresh and organic in nature. This is to ensure that both quality and taste are there in each and every dish we provide. We accept an order from online now. All you have to do is to download the Apps from either your iPhone’s App Store or Android phone’s Google Store.

Restaurant location Green Pepper Restaurant

When the order is placed successfully, you can come to our restaurant at 11 Green Lane, Sale, M33 5PN or 27 Church Street, Warrington, WA1 2SS. You can get your takeaway right when you arrive here. We have parking facility too with ample space for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. We have also launched fast delivery in many locations. Thus, you can enjoy fast delivery at your location within few minutes. In case, if you have any queries related to food and location, you can definitely call us. We will be more than happy to assist you in this. So, order with us and enjoy great Indian cuisines at the ultimate comfort of the home. It is even a great option when guests are coming to visit you.

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